Gaiety Indonesia | Trans Studio Bali Themepark : The Most Extraordinary Family & Kids Attraction in Bali
Trans Studio Bali Themepark : The Most Extraordinary Family & Kids Attraction in Bali :

Trans Studio Bali Themepark : The Most Extraordinary Family & Kids Attraction in Bali

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Trans Studio Bali Theme Park As an indoor theme park with a thematic concept, Trans Studio Bali might be one of the best-recommended places in Bali. Located on top of Trans Studio Mall, the park provides so many exciting rides and attractions to increase your endorphins level. Adding by that, the Instagrammable thematic spots in every corner make Trans Studio Bali also known as “The Most Instagrammable Theme Park in the World”. There is so much to see and do as you stroll around. Here is the highlight of this world-class indoor theme park:

1. Rides and Attraction

The major attraction that might be the most anticipated thing while visiting the park is its 16 world-class rides. The rides, from mild to thrill level are spread around Camera Zone, Culture Zone, Adventure Zone, and Action Zone. Each ride in the park has its own story that will completely leave you in awe. 

For young and brave souls, the adrenaline rush Boomerang Coaster, Bat Glider, Ninja Course, iFly Bali, and Formula Kart are surely the best options. With its advanced technology, the theme park has thrilling rides that take customers to real action, like Road Rage, Werewolf World, Forbidden Temple, and The Walking Dead. All nothing to lose. 

Not leaving the kids behind, there are mild-level rides that are safe for kids are provided such as Kids Playground, Ferris Wheels, Frank House, Action Jump, and Luckey Tree Climber. More of that, all the rides (except iFly) are included in the entrance ticket and can be enjoyed repeatedly without limit!

2. Flying Over Indonesia, Virtual Paragliding Tour Around Indonesia

Trans Studio Bali has the first and the biggest flying theater in Indonesia or maybe Asia, called Flying Over Indonesia. Equipped with a sophisticated flight motion simulator, you will move up and down as you sit on the flying seat, as if you doing a paraglide. You will embark on the real scenery in high-quality 8K resolution with 180 dome screens through Indonesia's cultural destinations around more than 17.500 islands. Witness the unbeatable scenery of Raja Ampat, Gunung Bromo, Candi Borobudur, Garuda Wisnu Kencana, and many more as you fly through the sky. Well, it might contain spoilers but that’s the real depiction!

3. The Ultimate Indoor Skydiving, iFly Bali

Have you ever dreamed of skydiving? At Trans Studio Bali you can experience the sensation of free-falling at iFly Bali. Through iFly Bali, uncover the feels of free-falling conditions and gravity fails inside the wind tunnel. Along with a professional instructor, you will be guided on how to fly properly before and during flying. This indoor skydiving totally will be a new incredible experience for the first-timer. However, iFly Bali is not included in the entrance ticket and will be charged on additional.


4. Bali Senses, Enjoy the Fusion of Bali Nature

Exploring Bali through the vision of digital art technology is no longer impossible at Trans Studio Bali. Through Bali Senses at the beginning of the entrance, get ready to the enchanting and vibrant scenes that bring out the best of Bali's natural beauty. Get immersed with all the fusion of Bali's beauty in the The Sacred Waterfall, Bali Swing, Alluring Balinese Dance and more.


6. Unforgettable Spectacular Shows

Spectacular shows that can be watched on schedule will tighten your park agenda. First, an amazing theatrical performance that combines dancing, singing, music and magic through Simsalsabim Show. It happens when the skirt of the giant doll Can Can open at Camera Zone. Moving to the Culture Zone on the Amphitheater stage, here is where a Balinese theatrical performance called Gayatri Show is presented. It tells the story life of a girl named “Gayatri”, who will introduce Bali culture such as Potong Gigi and Pewiwahan ceremonies.

The third show in the Adventure Zone is the Temple Raider Show on Stunt Stage. This show is a live-action genre that mixes real fire and explosions. The show tells about the mafia gangster who want to steal the compass in the forbidden temple. Closing the fun at the park, don't miss the Dream Festival Parade that presents Trans Studio Bali’s icons. The parade will take place start from Camera Zone, Culture Zone and finish at Adventure Zone. Don’t forget to take pictures with the icons so that the beautiful memories can’t easily be forgotten.

7. Best Photo Spots

As mentioned at the beginning, Trans Studio Bali theme park have so many thematic photo spots in every corner of the park. From the Bali’s natural beauty of Bali Senses, on the movie-like ship of Titanic, the thematic story of Camera Zone where Frank House, Ferris Wheels and Illusion House exist, to the Adventure Zone where all the backgrounds are exactly the same as in the story.

There are many reasons why Trans Studio Bali should be on your bucket list in Bali. Not mentioning its affordable price (only IDR 500,000) to get all in such as exclusive rides - you can even play them over and over again, watch all the shows, adrenaline rush on the coaster on top of building, experience the one and only flying theater “Flying Over Indonesia” without fear of rain all day. 

The park also provide kids-friendly zone that suit the kids’ level and some rides can be played tandem with adult. Trans Studio Bali is CHSE certified which always ensures customer’ safety, including kids and oldster. The operational hours of the theme park is every day from 11.00 - 18.00 WITA on weekday, and 11.00 - 19.00 WITA on weekend.

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